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Welcome to Dottie's Doghouse Boarding Kennels. Our purpose built " Suites" are not like the usual kennel accommodation out there- we have gone the extra mile to provide luxury accommodation for our guests.Having pets ourselves, we know the frustration and worry involved in leaving your precious babies into a facility.But worry no more, your little darlings will be treated like our own while you are away. 

Love and gentleness, understanding and compassion are in huge supply here. I seem to spend more time with the animals than i do in my own home now. 

We are open for business so if you would like to come for a preview or to talk to me in relation to " fostering " your babies.. then please make contact and we will endeavour to put your mind at ease.

Puppies & Younger Dogs

Since all the lockdowns sadly puppies and younger dogs have not been socialized.

This is very important to the mental stability of our puppies. 

For 1st time boarders we offer a 2 day 1 night trial boarding session.

This gives owners a break from their dogs and also give us an insight to their behaviour for a longer term boarding..

No one wants their pup crying for a week while owners are away so it's a perfect test to see how they will get on with us. 

This needs to be prebooked and prepaid as spaces are limited for this service.


All dogs are risk assessed on arrival to see if they can socialize(under supervision)with other dogs in our care . If all is good then they will have open access to our sitting room area as well as their own sleeping area for the duration of their stay with other residents - keeping their holiday as close to being at home as possible.

 ANY Aggression issues shown will lead to owners being requested to immediately  remove your pet from the kennels , we will not upset our other clients with constant barking or aggressive strains. .

Nap Time


We will board your pet/pets from one day to long term. So if you have a family occasion coming up, fancy a mid-week break or feel like travelling for a few months- we are here to help.

Please contact us to check availability. 

All our doggy rooms have underfloor heating installed, powered by our solid fuel stove in the sitting room area.We have also fitted Infra Red Heating lamps in each sleeping areas (these will incur an extra cost per day)but not a huge amount extra.So loads of home away from home comforts for your pets.



We offer a full grooming service for all dogs small or large, young or old.

Why not come back from your break and have you pet Fully groomed and ready for home.Please book your groom when dropping off your pet.Prices will be agreed prior to grooming.

As all dogs are exercised outside as responsible carers, they will be washed and kept spotless if required during their stay especially during winter months where their play area can be a digging den - they are dogs after all. :D and dogs love digging .

Opening Hours

We are open for arrivals and departures:

Monday - Saturday 10am - 12am
and 4pm -5.00pm

Sunday 10am - Noon

Our reception is not open for arrivals/departures on Bank holidays or ,Christmas Day, Stephens Day and New Years Day, unless by prior arrangement-however we are still taking care of your pets.

Please ensure your pets arrive on leads or harness'

We cannot fit everyone in so please make sure you have the correct dates you require, consider your travel times as you may need to book and extra day either end of your trip. 

We hate last minute cancellations as we will have refused others for those specific dates so all bookings must be prepaid on booking from 2022. This eliminates us having to have empty kennels and not being paid cause we do work hard . 

Early picks up ( other than specific agreed dates ) will incur the full agreed dates boarding fee. Late drop off or pick up will incur an out of hours fee. 

We don't like having to refuse customers and early pick ups mean we have had to refuse someone else .

No cages here. All suites have double glazed doors with clear glass on bottom panels - so our guests can be in touch with us as we work. Kitchen/Store and living room area ( in progress ) shown here. Heat lamps are available in all pods when the weather gets chilly. These do however incur and extra charge due to the cost of running.

Maximum 2 dogs per kennel from same house hold. We will not put more than 2 dogs into a kennel together so keep this in mind when booking . 


Our guests have full access to an outside orchard where they can play all day or pop back to their room for a private snooze. All areas are fully fenced and security and safety is of the utmost importance to us.


Your pet will have loads of play time every day.

Our goal is to keep all animals active and enthusiastic during playtime.

Pull toys, footballs,squeaky toys are all part of some serious fun.

All dogs are exercised in secure areas and always under supervision so when bed time comes they are really out for the count.

If you have an older pet who may not be up to fun and frolics- then we take that into consideration too ( times i like to sit down and just chill too )

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